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Now you can become one of the few people that generates a very lucrative income from Betfair!



     Thank you for taking the time to look at my site, as you have got this far you are obviously very interested in making a lot of money through betting on horse racing and other sports. But if you are anything like I once was, you are finding it difficult to find that breakthrough. Well thankfully you have finally found it.

I used to spend a lot of money on betting systems and strategies, software and tipsters, but none of them lived up to expectations. I also used to lose quite a lot of money through betting on the betting exchanges, although I used to think I was doing ok, when I took a good look at my past results I found that I wasn't doing ok at all. I was actually losing money all of the time.

This is when I got my head together and decided to change things for good.


I now work 1 hour per day and make over 1000 per week using a simple strategy that I have devised myself


As you can see from my Betfair account above, I have made 46,821 profit in just 12 months.

I have devised what I believe to be a solid plan. I do not use a system because 'systems' DO NOT WORK!, It's simple, systems just don't work, they may work for a while  but in the long run they will lose you money. Stay clear of Horse Racing systems


So what exactly do I do?...............................................

Well! I can tell you what I don't do, and you maybe surprised by this. Unlike every other product or strategy out their, this is not your usual:

  • Laying system

  • Backing favourites

  • Each Way bets

  • Dutching (backing more than 1 horse in a race)

  • Arbitrage

  • Trading (Back high Lay low)

  • In-running betting

  • Chasing Losses and doubling up after a loser. Definitely a No No!


And best of all, it does not involve studying form or following a system. You don't need to go through the newspaper or Racing Post everyday.

In fact.............

You don't even need to use any other source than the Betfair web site itself! 


Yes that's right....  if you gave me a computer and I was only allowed to open the Betfair site, I would be able to make 1089.25 per week Tax FREE - And I don't even use a Horse Racing System!



This is quite incredible and very powerful stuff!

You can become very wealthy using this strategy, and not only that but you will have the freedom to do as you please, wake up when you like, spend more time with the family, enjoy more holidays and treat yourself to a new car.


My methods are easy to understand and implement, they are unlike any other I have come across over the years, and believe me, I have come across a fair few. This is a unique and original idea that I stumbled upon when I was placing a few bets on Betfair. It shocked me when I first sat down and actually thought about it! I realized I could make a ton of cash by doing something very simple indeed.


I couldn't believe I hadn't thought of this before......................

I started to put my idea into practice and the rewards were pleasing, but not as good as I new they could be. So I started to develop my plan a little more until I was making decent money from it.

By this stage I was very happy at what I was doing, as the weeks went by I started to discover new things that increased my profits even further. I was making around 400 per week through sports betting when it hit me!

If I was making this kind of money through sports betting, how much could I make if I applied my strategy to horse racing where there was a race every 10 minutes throughout the day?


I immediately started to alter a few preferences with my plan and applied it to horse racing, and to my amazement it proved to work even better. I found a way to select the right horses and place the right bets without knowing anything about them. I didn't have a clue who the trainer was, which jockey was riding or if the horse had ever won before, all that I new was that the information on the Betfair screen was enough to tell me what was likely to happen in the race, I then combined this with a staking plan and strategy that I had devised and everything fell into place.


I have made up to 2864 in a single week just by betting on the horses


By now I was making around 1000 per week from relatively small stakes. This continued for months to come and I still make this kind of money today!



Want more proof?

Look at all my Betfair Statements right now!

Simply enter your name and email address below to view my Betfair statements for the last 3 years!


(We hate spam as much as you, we promise not to send you unsolicited mail, or pass your address onto others)


The great thing about this is that it only takes 1 hour during the afternoon to make this kind of money, this leaves me with the rest of the day to do as I please. So I spend the majority of my time at the gym or playing golf, which I enjoy doing.


Hi there, I would just like to congratulate you on your book, great read!
This has been my first week of using your strategy and I have had 3 winning 
cycles and made a profit of 712. Excellent stuff! Cant' wait for tomorrow.


After reading your book I was very excited by your methods of making
money, I have been betting on horses and other sports for 15 years
now and I have finally discovered something that actually works,
I started off using horse racing but I have now opened another Betfair 
account to use for sports betting. I have been averaging around 1200 
per week in total. I really can't thank you enough for your advice, 
all the best.  John



Don't have time in the afternoon to bet on horses due to work commitments?


Don't worry....

I will explain how you can make a substantial second income from sports betting.

You can place your bets at night and during the weekend.

I also do this to make a good profit and it is just as effective as using it with horse racing. Betting on various sports was how I discovered this incredible strategy and now you have the opportunity to copy my methods and be on your way to financial freedom!





1) Why are you selling your strategy if you are making so much money anyway?

The reason I am selling my method of making money is because I know how frustrating it can be to constantly lose money through betting, therefore it will not hurt me to help others. I will also generate more income through sales of the book.  My ambition is to not have to work at all. Not even 1 hour per day! So selling my strategy will get me closer to my goals

2) How much money will I need to start?

This depends how much you would like to win. You can quite easily make 1000 per week starting with just 700, however I would recommend you start with a lower amount, it will quickly build up at the same time providing you with experience for when you are ready to make big money.

3) I don't know anything about horse racing or some sports?

Not a problem! You don't need to know anything about horse racing, I will show you how everything works and what steps to follow to make yourself over 4,000 per month

4) I've tried systems in the past and they did not work.

I definitely understand where you are coming from. Systems do not work. Thankfully this is not a system, I am not going to tell you to Lay horses in a maiden race that hasn't run in the last 40 days or anything daft like that. I have devised a solid plan that works, and will continue to work in the foreseeable future

5) Do I have to bet everyday?

No. You do not have to bet everyday, you may bet whenever you want too. Obviously the more you bet the more you are likely to win. I usually take days off quite regularly

6) I can't bet during the day because of work commitments

Not a problem, you can simply follow the sports betting section and make a very healthy second income by betting on sports at night or at the weekends, this will only take around 10 minutes per day.

7) Do I have to use Betfair?

You do not have to use Betfair as a strict rule, however you will need to use a betting exchange and as Betfair is by far the biggest, I highly recommend you use them.

8) But I don't have a Betfair account

No problem, it is free and very easy to open a Betfair account. In fact, I have included a special code which  gives you 20 to bet with when you open a new Betfair account. The special code for this will be included in the book.

9) Can anyone do this?

Yes, absolutely anybody can make money from this , whether you are new to betting or whether you are a professional. Everything is explained and is easy to understand.



Superb strategy, I had tried something similar in the past but it didn't come 
close to yours. I'm 2 weeks in and already 1670 up. I can't thank you enough 
for this opportunity!  Steve


Hi Jason, I am emailing you to thank you for the book. Best I have ever come across 
and your methods seem to be unstoppable. I have only started with very small stakes and am already 400 up. Your idea is very logical and effective, I just don't know 
why I didn't think of it. Anyhow, thanks again and all the best in the future.



Ok....  you have answered my questions and I am very interested in your strategy............


What is included in the book?


  • The book is an in-depth guide to making a living using the same strategy as I do on Betfair.

  • I reveal the simple staking plan that generates over 1000 per week  clear profit.

  • My secret strategy that is combined with the staking plan to make the whole thing work together. I have devised this myself and you will not find it anywhere else! this is incredible.

  • Full explanation on how to profit from horse racing on a daily basis in just 1 hour!

  • Step by step instructions on how to implement my secret method of selecting the correct bets without studying form or following a system!

  • real examples of each horse race throughout the day with live screenshots so you can see exactly how it is done.

  • A detailed guide on how to profit from sports betting.

  • Which sports I use to make thousands of pounds per month.

  • A bonus section that shows you how to make life changing sums of money quite easily. You will be shocked how easy this can be!

  • A FREE 20 bet with Betfair when you open a new account - special code inside the book.



So if you are fed up with with losing money here there and everywhere, or your fed up of the same old 9-5 job and want more time to do as you like or spend with the family then this could be your ticket out.

I'll be honest with you, I never thought it was possible to make a decent living through betting, I tried everything. I even studied advanced trading techniques but still couldn't make consistent profits, until I discovered this. It really is simple and effective, and best of all it generates massive profits on a regular basis. As you can see from my Betfair account above, this beats most peoples wages and best of all its Tax FREE


I will let you into a little secret!  My strategy has been tested out by a few different people, including friends who know nothing about betting to associates in the horse racing world, including a professional gambler. Out of all the people that have tested my methods, not one has lost money, in fact they have all made a comfortable 500+ per week without much effort. Do you know of a horse racing system that can produce these kinds of profits?


I almost forgot!  the Betfair statements you have seen are from my horse racing account only. I have made much more than this using my methods on different sports. I don't know the exact figure as I have withdrew my winnings each month to spend as I like, but I would say my sports betting has netted me around 16,000 extra, on top of the 46,000 I have made from horse racing.


If you want to enjoy these kind of profits you can purchase my secret method today!



Ok, you have convinced me! I want to find out exactly how you make 1089.25 per week on Betfair, so how much does it cost and what do I do now?


 This has been the number 1 question in the run up to writing this book and revealing my strategy to a few select people. It is very difficult to put a price on something so valuable and I have struggled to come up with a correct and fair price. I have been advised that I should not sell this book for less than 495, for the simple reason you can easily make twice this amount in just 1 week, so really 495 is a bargain. But to be honest I don't think it is entirely fair.

One of the reasons I wrote this e-book was to help people like yourself who are in a situation I was once in, so charging a high price would be daft. Therefore I have decided to set the price at just 119. I feel this is a comfortable amount for most people but high enough to be taken seriously. Why would anyone want to sell something that makes this much money for 15 for example, it just doesn't happen. If you have ever purchased a horse racing system or product for a small amount of money, I bet you were very disappointed with it and it failed to make you any money at all. Therefore 119 is what I believe to be a fair price.


But wait...............

I have decided that the next 25 people to purchase this book will get their hands on it for just 97


That's right, purchase this book NOW and you only pay 97, this is no gimmick, after the next 25 sales this offer will no longer be available and the price will be set at 119.


This offer will end once the next 25 sales are made. I guarantee you that!



Free Bonus! - Now I'm not going to insult your intelligence buy offering you a free bonus to make this offer look better, because quite simply, I don't need to. Once you have read this book you will never need another betting product again.


Purchase now and you will receive the e-book within minutes


Become part of an elite group of punters who make substantial profits every week!



Methods of payment: We accept Paypal as a method of payment, simply click the link below to be taken to the payment page. If you do not have a Paypal account don't worry, you will automatically be given one once you complete your payment using any major credit/debit card.


and receive the e-book within minutes, it doesn't matter if it's 3am!


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P.S. Don't forget. You will receive my unbelievable strategy on how to make over 1000 per week on Betfair, with real examples and step by step guide. This has generated over 46,000 in the last 12 months with just 1 hour work per day! Don't miss out on this opportunity of a life time.

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